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Kershaw Natrix – Badass Knife of the Week

Badass Knife of the Week Kershaw Natrix

In 2011, Kershaw and Zero Tolerance created a highly ambitious knife that pushed the envelope — a knife called the ZT 0777. Difficulties in production and issues with availability in materials caused the knife to see a very limited run.

Six years later, Kershaw created a budget-friendly iteration of the original that’s smaller and more economical while retaining many of the design features that captured the attention of the knife community.

That knife is the Badass Knife of the Week.

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The Kershaw Natrix (model number 7007) is the company’s attempt to reclaim the design from others who created homages to the original ZT design.

The knife features the same curvy, almost serpentine profile of the original. The stonewashed drop point blade is 3.25 inches and uses 8Cr13MoV stainless steel, an alloy that’s far from the original composite materials but still works well.

A flipper engages the blade with the help of the SpeedSafe assisted opening mechanism that makes deployment quick and reliable every time.

Black G-10 handle scales provide a good grip in all types of situations. On the backside of the handle is the Sub-Frame Lock, which helps keep the weight down while adding extra strength to the lock.

Even with an overall length of 7.5 inches, the knife weighs less than three ounces. Add in a reversible deep-carry pocket clip and carrying this knife is as effortless as it gets.

For more info on this Badass Knife of the Week, see the product page for the Kershaw Natrix.


  1. Ah, yes; I remember the foofaraw of April 2017. It was badass.

  2. Nominate boker plus gitfo designed by dj urbanovski as badass knife of the week. A truly underated blade.

  3. Badass for the third week? That’s some badass knife!

  4. Fourth week in a row! That’s BAAD. What are the criteria for a knife to be badass?

    • Tim

      August 13, 2019 at 2:34 pm

      Hey Sam. Right now the Badass Knife of the Week is living on through email only (subscribe if you don’t already!). So far you’ve missed the CRKT Terrestrial, Artisan Cutlery Tomahawk, and Cold Steel AD10. The whole “badass” thing is done sort of tongue in cheek since we’ve chosen tiny knives like the Mora Eldris and various multitools like Swiss Army Knives. I’ve gone over the criteria in the past. As of this moment, there have been 287 weeks of different badass knives stretching back to early 2014.

      • I don’t recall ever seeing that I had to subscribe to this. Nor do I see any “Sign up here” statements.

        Please put me on your email list.

  5. Michael E Cochran

    August 19, 2019 at 4:54 am

    Ya. Hows about deleted knife blog of the week!

  6. It’s such an awsome badass knife.

  7. Kershaw Natrix has a wonderfull blade and even the weight is so less that everyone can easily carry it in the pocket.

  8. Kershaw Natrix-Badass knife of the week. It is such an awsome knife. It is very easy to carry even in pocket. There is no problem in this awsome Badass knife . It has wonderful design

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