Ethan Becker is a savant whose knowledge and eye for design knows no bounds.

Becker, who underwent an extensive cooking apprenticeship early in life and later became the author of Joy of Cooking, founded Becker Knife & Tool in the early 1980s to create some of the best outdoor knives around. To say he succeeded undersells Becker’s achievement.

When he teamed up with KA-BAR to bring his knives to a wider public, people everywhere were able to experience the joy of Becker knives firsthand.

That’s the case with the KA-BAR BK11 Becker Necker.

The small fixed blade features a simple design with a skeletonized handle that’s meant to be carried around the neck everywhere you go.

Made from a single piece of 1095 Cro-Van carbon steel, the 6.75-inch knife is strong and durable while the black coating provides extra protection. The blade itself is 3.25 inches long, an ideal size for all-around outdoor tasks.

Unlike many other fixed blade knives, the BK11 leaves its handle without scales. The skeletonized handle allows for customization and reduces the overall weight of the knife. A bottle opener is embedded into the butt of the knife.

The knife comes with MOLLE compatible black hard plastic sheath that can fit comfortably around the neck.

For more info on this Badass Knife of the Week, check out the product page for the KA-BAR BK11 Becker Necker.



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