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Jack Dagger throwing knives, Hibben axe, added to prize pool for the "Knifeslinger Giveaway"

You like axes? We got an axe for you.

The Hibben Pro Thrower Axe is a powerful throwing axe that packs a a punch and does it with style.  It’s made of stainless steel, is a foot long and comes with a great leather sheath.  And it will now be given away to the second place winner in the “Knifeslinger Giveaway.”

A Throwing Ax

And that’s not all the news we have. We’ve also updated the first prize to include not just any throwing knives, but a pair of custom-made throwing knives and an autographed instructional DVD from professional knife-thrower Jack Dagger.  You also still get a $100 in cash.

Bowie Knives

Don’t remember how to enter?  It’s so easy, it’s painful.  Just listen to the Knifeslinger break it down here:



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