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5 Undeniable traits of an ultimate knife warrior

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If you’re like me, you’ve undoubtedly wondered just what makes the quintessential knife warrior. That’s why we’ve taken the liberty of unscientifically analyzing all the great knife warriors throughout cinema history. In each of these knife-wielding heroes and villains, we managed to find five undeniable traits that helped them become great knife fighters. So, here are the five characteristics that make the ultimate knife warrior through the lens of cinema.

1. Insanity (ex. Die Hard With a Vengeance)

Let’s face it. It’s impossible to name a knife warrior from the movies who is completely sane and even-keeled. Everyone who wields a knife seems to have a few screws loose, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. To be an expert with a knife and fearlessly wield it, you can’t have the capacity to think too hard about its ramifications. The perfect example of insanity with a knife is Sam Phillips in Die Hard With a Vengeance. She mercilessly does ballet while slicing people in her path to death. Pretty crazy.

2. Experience in the art of battle (ex. Rambo)

It’s not usually good enough to merely be skilled at knife fighting, but a true knife warrior needs to have seen some prior action, particularly in war. Veterans not getting the respect or medical attention they deserve is a common theme in many movies and is seen most clearly in the first Rambo. John Rambo is a Vietnam vet who is pushed too far by a small town cop. It’s his time experience seeing too much war that pushed him over the edge. Here’s a little tease of Rambo’s knife.

3. Being badass (ex. Rebel Without a Cause)

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Top 7 Hottest Female Sword Fighters

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What’s sexier than a sword?  How about a hot chick slicing up her foes with one?  Here, for your viewing pleasure, are the top 10 female sword fighters.

7. Violet Song jat Shariff (Milla Jovovich)Ultraviolet

Even though the sci-fi thriller was widely panned by critics for its excessive complexity and lack of realism, the film did produce one of the hottest sword wielding fighters of all time. Throughout the film, Violet, played by Milla Jovovich, relentlessly plows through groups of inept fighters with a range of weapons, including swords and knives. Check out the cool scene below where Violet takes out a room of sword fighters.

6. Guinevere (Keira Knightley)King Arthur

Along with being fierce, Guinevere, from the 2004 film about King Arthur, engages in some truly amazing battles. For her loyalty, skill with swords and other weapons and refusal to give up, Guinevere takes the number 6 spot on this list. Check out some of her fiercest moments from the film in this clip.

5. The Bride (Uma Thurman) – Kill Bill, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

Say what you will about Uma Thurman, but The Bride in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill films is one hot sword fighter you don’t want to mess with. In one of the greatest sword fights in cinema history, The Bride takes on a group of masked men replete with gore and violence. Look at some of her moves in the clip below.

4. Xena (Lucy Lawless) Xena: Warrior Princess

It’s impossible to compile a list of hottest female sword fighters without including Xena. Even though she’s only a fixture on the small screen, she remains the quintessential female warrior. Throughout her six seasons on television, she battled countless enemies with humor and intensity. Kudos to any woman who could carry around that massive sword and wield it skillfully.

3. Jen (Zhang Ziyi)Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

The battle scenes in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon are whimsical, impassioned and inventive and no one in the film represents this deftness more than Jen. The beautiful sword fighter, who was destined for an arranged marriage but yearned for a warrior’s lifestyle, engaged in several battles throughout the movie including this iconic fight in the trees.

2. O-Ren Ishii (Lucy Liu)Kill Bill, Vol. 1

Although she may appear innocent and fragile, O-Ren Ishii should never be crossed, as demonstrated from the clip below. The film emphasizes her flawless beauty, grace and fighting skills, especially when pitted against The Bride.

1. Elena Montero (Catherine Zeta-Jones)The Mask of Zorro

This curvaceous student and love interest of Zorro earns the top spot on this list for her sword fighting skills and undeniable good looks. In the clip below you see her playfully battling Zorro with a rapier fencing sword before losing her clothes to the masked swordsman. Throughout the film, she demonstrates intimate knowledge of sword fighting and uses it for good.

Tell us which female swordfighter is your favorite and enter to 51-inch William Wallace replica sword .

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