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2020 Discontinued Spyderco Knives

With a new year comes new cuts to old favorites. Spyderco announced which knives were getting the ax back in September on their forum.

While that’s bad news for those who loved the knives, there is still some good news to be had. Most of these knives are still available but only for a little longer.

To help you, we’ve assembled the list of about 30 discontinued knives with links to where you can buy them. Then later in the post, we’ll talk about which models we’ll miss the most.

All 2020 Discontinued Spyderco Knives

BY03TIP2 – Cara Cara 2 Titanium (Sold Out)
BY04TIP2 – Meadowlark 2 Titanium (Sold Out)
BY10TIP2 – Robin 2 Titanium (Sold Out)
C07GP4 – Police 4 G-10
C28S – Dragonfly Stainless SPY
C28SBK2 – Dragonfly 2 Black SPY
C69GP3 – Lil’ Temperance 3 G-10
C82GP3 – D’Allara 3
C91SYL – Pacific Salt Yellow SPY (Look for the Pacific Salt 2 in 2020)
C91PYL – Pacific Salt Yellow PLN (Look for the Pacific Salt 2 in 2020)
C91SBK – Pacific Salt Black SPY (Look for the Pacific Salt 2 in 2020)
C91PBK – Pacific Salt Black PLN (Look for the Pacific Salt 2 in 2020)
C91PBBK – Pacific Salt Black Blade PLN (Look for the Pacific Salt 2 in 2020)
C91SBBK – Pacific Salt Black Blade SPY (Look for the Pacific Salt 2 in 2020)
C123CFP – Sage 1 Carbon Fiber
C152STIBLP – Chaparral Blue Stepped Ti
C152STIP – Chaparral Stepped Ti (Out)
C170GP – Karahawk G-10 Satin (Out)
C193PGY – Squarehead Lightweight Gray
C193PBK – Squarehead Lightweight Black
C203TIP – Mantra 2 Titanium
C212CFP – Magnitude Carbon Fiber
C214TIP – Advocate Titanium
C218GP – Opus G-10
C219GP – Q-Ball G-10
C224GP – Lil’ Sub-Hilt G-10
C225GP – Hundred Pacer
C227GP – Hanan G-10
FB38GP – Junction
K11S – Cooks Knife SPY

Spyderco Sage 1

The Sage series is a great idea — taking a great design and making it with different lock mechanisms. Unfortunately, many in the Sage series have been discontinued, including the Sage 1 with a liner lock this year.

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Spyderco Announces 2019 Discontinued Knives

The day of reckoning is here for a number of Spyderco models.

Kristi Hunter of Spyderco has released the annual list of Spyderco knives that did not make the cut. If you’re curious why these specific knives were discontinued, I refer you to my article on why knives are discontinued.

You can find the full list at the end, but here are some of the models we’ll miss the most

Spyderco Sage 2

The discontinuation of the Sage 2 is probably the biggest surprise on this list. Although the knife has been around for a while, the Sage 2 is pretty beloved. What I enjoy about the Sage series is that each comes in a different lock with the 2 using the Reeve Integral Lock. It looks like we’re down to the Sage 1 with a liner lock and the Sage 5 with a Compression Lock.

If you don’t have one yet, you should get one now.

Spyderco ATR 2

This is another shocker simply because it hasn’t been on the market for very long. The ATR 2 marked the return of a much requested knife. The original ATR had an integral Compression lock. However, the new one didn’t have the integral Compression lock and many were saying the knife didn’t live up to expectations.

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2018 Discontinued Spyderco Knives We’ll Miss the Most

It’s that time of year again.

The guillotine is falling on a few of our favorite knife models as companies begin announcing the knives being sent to the glue factory next year.

Spyderco was the first to release its list on the Spyderco Forum. You can see the full list of knives being discontinued for 2018 at the bottom, but I’ll be writing an obituary for a few of the most notable models being put out to pasture first.

It’s important to note that some of these knives may come back in updated iterations, so don’t be surprised to see the Nirvana 2 with different materials and a more streamline design. Also others have already received updates like the Salt 1 series, so it’s kind of a moot point.

Spyderco Nirvana

As Neil Young once sang, “It’s better to burn out than to fade away.” The Nirvana was a short-lived, having only been released for 2016. Despite only seeing light for a couple of years, the knife burned bright and got a lot of people excited.

The Nirvana was Spyderco’s first integral folder from custom knifemaker Peter Rassenti. Its handle was made from a single piece of titanium and featured the Reeve Integral Lock mechanism. The 3.76-inch blade was made from S90V steel while the overall design was sexy.

So where did the Nirvana go wrong? It ran into production problems since titanium is such a difficult material to work with. A few people had complaints about the larger size and a lackluster design.

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Benchmade Surprises With 2017 Discontinued Knives

The onslaught of discontinued knives continues.

So far, most of the discontinued knives haven’t been that surprising, whether it’s due to upgraded models or lagging sales. But Benchmade shocked the knife community with the immediate discontinuation of its entire Heckler & Koch line.

We’ll keep up the tradition writing obituaries for certain models getting the axe (according to Knife News).

Benchmade 586 Barrage


The Barrage has quietly become one of my favorite knives over the past few years. I like the premium versions of the Barrage—the 581 and the 586 mini—because of the aluminum bolster and M390 steel. Now, Benchmade is doing away with the mini version of its assisted-opening Barrage.

From the sound of it, the 581 will still be available, but as someone who lives in Los Angeles at the moment, I appreciate all the blades under 2.91 inches that comply with the carry laws. For now, you can still pick up the knife in the 3.6 iteration, but the smaller version will be missed.

Benchmade Presidio


According to Benchmade, the Presidio is one of the most recognizable tactical Benchmade knives. Well, not anymore.

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