In a world of sleek and rail-thin knives, the Stubby stands alone.

The Damascus Stubby from Magnum by Boker is simple, elegant, and downright eye-catching. It’s a knife you could comfortably take to the woods during the day and then take to a black tie event in the evening.

It all starts with the Damascus steel blade. The Damascus is created by hammering together 37 layers of steel with a strong core to make a powerful and handsome blade. At a short but stout 2.38 inches, the drop point blade profile is versatile. It engages easily with the thumb stud and locks securely with a liner lock.

Slight jimping along the spine also provides better control when using the blade for finer tasks.


But the beauty of the knife doesn’t stop at the blade. The handle boasts two disparate materials that complement one another perfectly. The bolster is fitted with the same Damascus steel that’s made even more vivid by the dark ebony scales.

All of the features on the Damascus Stubby work in concert to create a knife that’s not only functional and reliable but stunning and stately.

For more information on this Badass Knife of the Week, check out the product page for the Magnum by Boker Damascus Stubby.


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