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10 Best Victorinox Knives


We’re continuing our trek through the best knives for each brand. It’s time for Victorinox to step up to the plate. After Wenger closed down for good and was acquired by Victorinox, the Swiss knife company is the definitive maker of the Swiss Army Knife.

Boasting more than 13 decades of existence, the knife company has continued to evolve and bring hundreds of different SAK designs. Narrowing down the 10 best is kind of a fool’s errand simply because there are so many options that you can get the exact model you like.

Still, there are a few standout models that showcase the best Victorinox has to offer.

Let’s get to it.

Victorinox SwissChamp

We’ll start with the company’s flagship model — the SwissChamp. In terms of actual carrying, the SwissChamp is far from the best. But it allows Victorinox to showoff its knife-making prowess. It has eight layers with 33 functions that range from a magnifying glass and saw to fish scaler and pliers.

Even though it’s not meant for EDC, this is a knife you can conceivably carry in your pocket or on your person without feeling insane.

Victorinox Pioneer

The Pioneer is the civilian version of the Soldier, which is considered the “true Swiss Army Knife.” The only difference is that it adds a keyring. Unlike many of the other SAKs on this list, the Pioneer features handsome Alox scales that give it a different look and feel. The tools are pretty pared down with only eight functions, such as a large blade and reamer.

The knife comes in a few different colors in limited editions. The Pioneer X is also available, which adds scissors to this model. Another popular model that was just left off this list is the Farmer, which is the Pioneer with a wood saw.

Victorinox Compact

The Compact is a personal favorite and one that I carry every day. This is one of the most compact versions of the SAK to have the most amount of functions. The reason? It’s the thinnest SAK to have plus-scales (with a pin, pen, toothpick, and tweezers).

What I love about this model is that it’s optimal for city use. I use the pen all the time as well as the scissors. The combo tool fits a cap lifter and opener into one and the large blade is the perfect size for most tasks. The hook is a bit useless and the best part of the corkscrew is its ability to hold the mini screwdriver, but this is one of the best small SAKs out there.

Victorinox Classic SD

If you want something tiny, the Classic SD is your best bet. This model may very well be the best-selling knife on Earth. It is small and simple and fits right on the keychain. It has a small blade, nail file, scissors, toothpick, tweezers, and a keyring. In terms of SAKs, there’s not much more you need than this knife.

The best part is that it comes in tons of variations, from giraffe and US flag scales to Alox and barleycorn sterling silver.

Victorinox One-Hand Trekker

From 1962 to 2007, the Soldier 1961 was the official knife of the Swiss Army. Starting in 2008, the updated Soldier 2008 was the official knife. The One-Hand Trekker is essentially the civilian version of that knife (the Soldier 2008 was actually designed around this knife).

I like to say this isn’t your granddad’s SAK because it doesn’t look anything like a traditional SAK. It has a liner-locking blade that opens up with one hand, a locking cap lifter/screwdriver, and nylon scales. The knife is an excellent and hardworking Swiss Army Knife.

Victorinox Spartan

As SAKWiki puts it, the Spartan is probably the most common and best-known 91mm SAK. It is essentially a modern version of the original officer’s knife from 1897. With a large and small blade, cap lifter and can opener, and awl and corkscrew, the Spartan is pretty much a base model of the 91mm SAK.

It remains immensely popular.

Victorinox SwissTool Spirit

In the 1990s, Victorinox wanted to get into the multitool plier game with the SwissTool. The SwissTool competes directly with Leatherman, which is typically superior in this area, but the SwissTool was a great first start. Over the years, Victorinox spent some time making the tool better, and they eventually released the SwissTool Spirit, a smaller and some say better version.

The Spirit has a more ergonomic design with 26 functions. It is one of the best reviewed products from the brand though there is a distinct faction of those who prefer SwissTools and those who prefer Leathermans.

Victorinox Super Tinker

I originally had the Tinker on this list but it is the same exact knife as the Spartan but with a screwdriver instead of a corkscrew. Instead the Super Tinker offers more tools that are better suited for a Tinkerer.

It has all the same tools as the standard Tinker but with a hook and scissors.  You can also go all the way and get a Deluxe Tinker with pliers.

Victorinox Cadet

The Cadet is a fan favorite mostly because it’s a small knife with a good toolset and Alox scales. Because it has Alox scales, it doesn’t have the tweezers or toothpick (hopefully SAK can figure out a way to add those one day).

This a knife knife enthusiasts will carry along with a standard pocket knife quite often.

Victorinox Executive

This one is by far the most surprising addition to the list. Why? It has the smallest selection of unique tools than any other SAK. The Executive is designed more for office use and comes with a few different tools, such as an orange peeler blade and nail cleaner.

There are also the classic tools like scissors, two blades, toothpick, tweezers, and screwdrivers. The Executive remains pretty popular and well-reviewed across the internet.

Bonus: Victorinox Fibrox Chef’s Knife

Although this isn’t a Swiss Army Knife, the Fibrox Chef’s Knife is one of the best Victorinox has to offer. I use this in my kitchen literally several times a day and it’s held up nicely. The size, weight, price, and construction are perfect for kitchen use.

It also frequently gets a nod from chefs everywhere who recommend a functional and budget friendly all-around kitchen knife.


Timothy Martinez Jr. is the community director for Knife Depot and the editor of The Cutting Edge. If you have any questions or ideas for The Cutting Edge, you can contact him at
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  1. I have to agree on the Super Tinker. It is my favorite Victorinox knife ( I have the tinker as well though). The scissors make a whole world of difference on the knife. It allows you do do delicate and accurate work that you just can’t do with a knife. I definitely believe it deserves a spot on this list.

  2. I would say that the “Handyman” is the most complete, EDC-able model that Victorinox offers. Remove the small pliars and you get the “Ranger” – much slimmer, lightweight, and having all the right tools (except maybe the pen – it cannot be added, and the small eyeglasses screwdriver that sits on the corkscrew, like on the SwissChamp – that can be bought separately + the needle – can be added under the corkscrew).

    IMHO, the “Ranger” is their best model in the medium-size category because it is light, have all needed tools (saw, file, scissors, big & small blade, etc. ) that other model lacks, but doesn’t add other tools that would made it heavy or improper to use in it’s small size (ex. : the small pliars I have on the “Handyman” ARE usefull, but not for heavy-duty tasks, and, frankly, add too much weight for the SAK size).

  3. The fine edge trekker is very good indeed. its extra length comes in handy.

  4. I can’t keep track of them by name, but I think any of the simpler and cheaper models with one blade, a can opener, bottle opener and whatever else is useful enough to carry or pack in a kit. The Pioneer or the Cadet appeal to me.

    I like the idea of a reamer to make holes, or an awl to stitch clothes, tarps or leather with or a saw blade. To me the corkscrew is fine if you are more of a city boy or socialite that drinks wine. Of course if you have the money or want to spend more and buy a loaded SAK, then I say get one, because they are cool and useful and you never have to worry or regret not having “all the tools” you want.

    I do have an SD and love the little scissors, but they are only good for paper, like in a magazine and the little piece of springy metal is prone to fall out of line and stop working altogether. It’s unfortunate because they are otherwise well made and last forever with reasonable care and cleaning. I have another one, but it’s not an Swiss brand, but one of those clones.

  5. I much prefer the end mounted philips screwdriver over the mid mounted option which is why I have gone for the “explorer “ over the tinker and others. After adding an eyeglasses screwdriver to the corkscrew, it’s a really great knife and goes with me when ever I travel.

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