There are a few characteristics nearly everyone looks for in an everyday carry: strength, durability, and a light weight. Few other handle materials boast those qualities like carbon fiber.

Over the years, carbon fiber has grown in popularity due to its versatility. It is a synthetic material that will not break under pressure or crack through use. According to Knife Art, it is stiffer than steel and five times stronger.

But the best part may be its weight. CF helps cut down the overall heft of a knife, giving your EDC a light feel. Oh, and it looks great!

Enough gushing over carbon fiber. Let’s take a look at 10 of the best carbon fiber EDC knives.

1. Spyderco Bradley Folder 2

Spyderco has really cornered the market on carbon fiber folders, which is why you’ll see a few on this list. First up is the Bradley Folder 2. The knife is an update on the hugely popular original design by none other than Gayle Bradley. The first generation was beloved for its slim profile, light weight, and ergonomics… and all of those aspects are improved in the new version.

Its 3.66-inch blade is CPM M4 steel, and the carbon fiber handles help reduce the weight on this larger EDC to 4.5 ounces.

2. Boker Plus Anti-Grav

The Boker Plus Anti-Grav goes all in on lightweight materials, including carbon fiber handle scales and a 3.25-inch ceramic blade. The all black blade and CF handle makes the whole knife look sexy.

While some still scoff at ceramic blades, the blades have made strides in durability. It’s not something you’d want to take into the jungle, but it’ll hold up to everyday tasks.

3. Benchmade 940-1

Anyone who follows this blog knows that I absolutely love the Benchmade 940-1. This souped-up version of the 940 boasts premium materials like S90V steel and carbon fiber handles. The weight on this hard-use knife is a mere 2.9 ounces.

Along with a few flourishes like blue anodized titanium back spacers and Benchmade’s patented AXIS lock, this knife is a no-brainer for anyone willing to shell out a little dough for the perfect EDC.

4. Schrade SCH403 CF Folder

From one of the most expensive on the list to one of the cheapest. I am quite fond of Schrade’s beater folders (like the SCH107) that you aren’t afraid to use and abuse. Sure, the Schrade SCH403 is no Zero Tolerance, but it can get the job done.

The blade is 3.3 inches of 9Cr18MoV high carbon stainless steel and the handle is carbon fiber. It may not be of the same quality CF as the 940-1 but it is still durable and lightweight at about 4 ounces.

5. Spyderco Sage 5

Our second Spyderco on the list is the Sage 5. The Sage is often hailed as a perfect EDC. This 2016 iteration of the knife has a reasonable blade length of 3.03 inches with quality S30V stainless steel. The leaf-shaped blade is pocked with the iconic Round Hole.

But the magic comes in the carbon fiber/G-10 laminate handle scales. There’s something about the texture of carbon fiber that meshes seamlessly with the design. As a bonus, the knife uses the Compression Lock and a wire pocket clip.

6. Case Carbon Fiber Lockback

Case has a line of carbon fiber knives that are downright handsome. The company already makes some of the best gentleman’s folders money can buy and the carbon fiber only makes ’em better.

Case injects modernity into the classic design and forgoes the usual bolsters because it’s simply not necessary. Coming in at less than an ounce, it’s hard to find a lighter yet more durable knife than this. Even though we’re highlighting the Case Carbon Fiber Trapper, any model in the carbon fiber Case line is gold, such as, the Case Carbon Fiber Folding Hunter.

7. Boker Plus Urban Trapper

The Boker Plus Urban Trapper is a popular model thanks to its slim profile, functional design, and durable construction. The carbon fiber just adds another thing to love about the knife. The 3.5-inch blade is made from VG-10 stainless steel and the carbon fiber scales cover the titanium liner.

This is the kind of knife you won’t be afraid to take to a black-tie event, and at less than 2 ounces, you’ll barely notice it’s there until someone needs it.

8. Cold Steel Lucky One

Next up is the Cold Steel Lucky One. Billed as a modern reinvention of the classic pen knife, the Lynn C . Thompson and Andrew Demko design is an upscale pocket knife that comes in at just under an ounce. The steel is quality S35VN and the carbon fiber handles add yet another element of class and style.

While I’m not fond of the Lucky One engraving on the blade, it is a fine little folder.

9. SOG Ultra C-TI

Next up is the SOG Ultra C-Ti. This relatively new knife is a credit-card shaped EDC that can also double as a money clip. SOG has upped the ante on its credit-card like knives by adding quality materials, including carbon fiber, titanium, VG-10 steel, and SOG’s Arc-Lock.

The blade is 2.8 inches with a cutout to reduce weight and act as an opening mechanism. The carbon fiber handle features cutouts as well, along with a titanium pocket clip. The knife is 1.3 ounces and can replace the wallet on certain occasions. Overall, this is another step in the right direction for SOG.

10. Spyderco Positron

We finish off with a final Spyderco called the Positron — another collaboration between Brad Southard and Spyderco. The knife is pretty similar to the Spyderco Southard with a few adjustments. The knife has a 3.05-inch S30V stainless steel with a full-flat grind. Although it still has the SpydieHole (albeit smaller), the knife primarily uses a flipper mechanism for opening.

Then there are the thick carbon fiber handle scales. Unlike some of the other Spyderco CF knives, this is true carbon fiber without any G-10 laminate. For being fairly large, the knife is only 2.6 ounces.


Timothy Martinez Jr. is the community director for Knife Depot and the editor of The Cutting Edge. If you have any questions or ideas for The Cutting Edge, you can contact him at
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