ESEE Junglas

They say the lion is the undisputed king of the jungle, but the real king of the jungle is this week’s Badass Knife of the Week: the ESEE Junglas.

The ESEE Junglas (pronounced “hoonglas) has a badass history that only adds to the allure of the knife. Named after Colombia’s Jungla Commandos, which is the country’s premier counternarcotics unit, the knife was designed specifically for use in the dense jungles of Latin America.

With a razor-sharp blade that’s a little longer than 10 inches, the ESEE Junglas is as intimidating as it is functional. Its 22.5-ounce weight gives it enough heft to clear obstructed paths or tackle heavy-duty tasks around camp.

The blade features a black textured powder coated finish that gives the high-quality 1095 carbon steel some rust-resistance.

Man with JunglasTo accompany the large blade, ESEE designed the handle from comfortable canvas Micarta scales over the full tang. The hammer pommel also features a lanyard hole for additional security.

This version of the Junglas includes a durable Kydex sheath with a paracord and adjustable tensioner for personalization.

The ESEE Junglas, at an overall length of 10.5 inches, is an impressive tool with a handsome finish and a nice balance. From the jungle to the backyard, the Junglas is one of the best outdoors knives you’ll ever use.

Learn more about this badass knife by visiting the ESEE Junglas product page.


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