For more than 100 years, Buck Knives has been churning out good-looking, American-made knives. While knife designs from other companies look more outdated with each passing year, this week’s badass knife seems to get better with age.

The Buck Pathfinder has been around for a few decades now, but the classic look is as fresh and appealing as ever.

With an overall length of 9.13 inches and a nice 420HC stainless steel modified clip point blade, the Pathfinder is a great all-around knife that can be used for everything from hunting to simple tasks around the house.

Buck PathfinderThe Pathfinder is actually a smaller version of the Buck Special, but larger isn’t always better. This smaller knife, which still boasts a good-sized 5-inch blade, makes for an easier carry and packs all the punch you need.

Much of the classic look on this badass knife comes from its gorgeous black Phenolic handle, which also features a polished aluminum butt and finger guard.

You won’t notice just by looking at it, but the handle has subtle grooves that conform to your handle for a comfortable carry.

When you buy the Buck 105 Pathfinder, you also get a black leather sheath that just adds more class to the knife.

Want more info on the Badass Knife of the Week? Check out the product page for the Buck Pathfinder.


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