You’re never too old for video games… or at least that’s what I tell myself. Video games allow you to explore worlds where the laws of physics need not apply, worlds where the impossible becomes possible, worlds that make you reconsider your own moral compass.

But, of course, one of the best aspects of games is the variety of weapons game designers envision. Because swords in video games are often impractical but thoroughly impressive, we decided to compile a list of video game swords you can own in real life.

Many places, including the folks over at Man At Arms, have recreated some of the best video game swords, but the ones we’re highlighting are those you can actually buy for a reasonable amount.

Check out these replicas.

1. Sword of Altair – Assassin’s Creed


Over the eight or so year’s since the very first Assassin’s Creed came out, the series has spawned a whopping nine games as well as a ton of supporting games. One of the assassin’s the game explores is Altair Ibn-La-Ahad, and this is the sword he wields. According to the game’s Wiki page about the sword, it features cross guards shaped like an eagle’s wings with a pommel in the shape of an eagle’s head.

This is an excellent replica of the sword, coming in at 31 inches in length with a 440 stainless steel blade. The sword boasts some nice flourishes that make it worthy of any collector or cosplayer.

2. Rebellion – Devil May Cry


Devil May Cry was never a game on my radar. I nearly played the reboot, but my subscription to PS Plus expired. While I don’t have any special insight to share about the game, I do appreciate the iconic sword of Dante, the protagonist of the game. The large sword—dubbed the Rebellion—is a claymore with magical qualities.

This replica has a massive 37-inch blade with a red and black lacquer finish. The guard has the Devil May Cry skull and bones and a long handle with a crown pommel. It also comes with a wooden wall mount if you’re interested in displaying this bad boy.

3. Lt. Raziel’s Reaver Sword – Legacy of Kain


Back in high school, a buddy let me borrow Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. I admit that I had no idea what was going on in the game; to this day, I still don’t know what happened throughout the series. However, that didn’t stop me from enjoying the game and the antihero Raziel, a lieutenant of Kain.

This is a replica of Raziel’s sword. It comes in at a hefty 42 inches and includes a genuine leather sheath.

4. Blades of Chaos – God of War


Legend says (and by legend, we mean the God of War wiki) that the Blades of Chaos were forged at the darkest depths of the Underworld by Ares himself. These are the blades used by Ares in the game God of War. Over the series, the blades have changed in appearance, but this replica of the blades is true to form.

The replicas have an overall length of 16.5 inches with stainless steel blades and a cast aluminum guard and pommel. They’re connected by a steel chain and come with a wood plaque for display.

5. Soul Calibur (Evil) – Soulcalibur


Soulcalibur is another one of those games I didn’t encounter that often, but from what I know, Soul Calibur is a spirit sword that’s mostly the protagonist in the series. However, the sword eventually succumbs to the darkness and becomes evil. That’s the iteration available for you to buy.

The evil Soul Calibur features a dragon handle and a uniquely split blade, with some flourishes near the guard.

6. Rayne’s Twin Blades – Bloodrayne


The Twin Blades are the weapon of choice for Rayne, the daughter of a Nazi vampire and a human woman. These are her signature blades. In Bloodrayne, they’re forged from sulfur brimstone hellfire and left behind by demons. The blades for sale are 27 inches overall.

7. The Dragon Sword – Ninja Gaiden


The first Ninja Gaiden game came out in the late 1980s, but many different sequels and spinoffs have come out over the last few years. Ryu Hayabusa is the main protagonist of the series. In it, he wields the Dragon Sword. The legendary blade was carved from the fang of an ancient dragon and passed down through the generations.

This sword doesn’t have all the flourishes of some of the other swords, but it does have a lot of power and history in the game. The replica is a black version of the Dragon Sword with a blade scabbard and gold guard. It has an overall length of 41 inches.

8. Scorpion’s Sword – Mortal Kombat: Deception


It’s nearly impossible for me to remember the first game I ever played, but Mortal Kombat was right up there with Street Fighter and the Simpsons. These weren’t played on any home systems; no, these were played in a dirty old arcade. Scorpion, the yellow dude, was one of the coolest characters in Mortal Kombat, and now you can own his sword.

This sword is specifically from the 2004 game Mortal Kombat: Deception, and has an overall length of 50 inches. It has a square brass guard with the Scorpion design. It’s a pretty massive sword with few frills.

9. Onimusha Sword – Onimusha


Onimusha is an old action-adventure series that made a splash in the early to mid-2000s. Since then, the series has been pretty quiet, but the ultimate weapon from the game is still available for purchase. The Onimusha Sword was said to have spiritual power, and this replica is nearly 40 inches of sword. The stainless steel blade is 28.5 inches with some nice curves.

10. Link’s Master Sword – The Legend of Zelda


The Zelda series, from the first game to the latest, has featured an array of uniquely designed swords that you can upgrade and spruce up. But one sword stands above the others: the Master Sword. This is arguably one of the most iconic video game swords. The Master Sword, also known as the Hyrule Sword or the Blade of Evil’s Bane is a magical sword used to defeat Ganon and warp to other realms.

As you might guess, a few places have actually sold a replica of the Master Sword, but the one we’re highlighting features a 36-inch 440 stainless steel blade with an image of the triforce.


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