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Win the US Gladius Thraex XII

For more than 400 years, the Roman Gladius was the weapon of choice during epic battles like the Macedonian Wars and gladiator events. Even though the short sword known as the Roman Gladius fell out of favor about 19 centuries ago, the fact that it was used by thousands of men prove that the design had some merit.

That’s where the Thraex XII Tactical Knife comes into the picture.

Put out by US Gladius—a new brand that bases its designs off ancient swords from Roman times—the Thraex XII Tactical takes some of the important design cues from the Roman Gladius to offer a new and distinct look unlike anything else.

The Thraex XII Tactical is a functional tactical knife with an 8-inch blade made from black titanium-coated 8Cr13MoV with a full tang and Micarta scales for the handle. It weighs a solid 11.1 ounces and boasts an overall length of 12 inches.

Even though the original Gladius swords were meant mainly for piercing and stabbing, the double-edged blade (which includes a serrated edge) makes the Thraex XII more versatile.

But the real throwback piece of the knife is its rounded pommel. The original was used more ornately, but the pommel on the Thraex XII serves to give the knife balance, prevent it from slipping out of your hand, and provide a striking mechanism.

Now you have the chance to win one of these unique knives—to display it or put it to use.

Check out the product page for the US Gladius Thraex XII to learn more about the knife and then enter to win one below. The giveaway ends on 8/23, so enter now!

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  1. This knife is Bad Ass!!

    • it would be great for anyone to win. camping gardening,hunting .just a great blade to have handy.also a great conversation piece historically,utility..etc.

  2. i will use it for work and during camping

  3. Christian Griffin

    August 13, 2015 at 2:04 pm

    Sweet Blade!!

  4. This would be pretty cool to win

  5. awesome looking knife – unique! love the double edge!

  6. this is too cool, i’d LOVE to have this

  7. Totally awesome!!

  8. I would take it along camping and fishing

  9. Oh I think it’s going in my bag in my truck and going everywhere with me!

  10. Thanks for the contest!

  11. Awesome design!!!

  12. I would keep it strapped to my BOB and it would come camping with me. We would be the best of friends 😀

  13. I would give it to my husband for his birthday, he collects knifes

  14. That is by far the BADDEST Blade ever, I would carry it everywhere.

  15. If I won this knife it would be used primarily for taking out zombies.

  16. I would wear it with pride. It would go hunting with me and be added to my go bag when I wasn’t wearing it.

  17. I would give this to my husband as a belated birthday present!

  18. Would love to win it!

  19. Charles Christensen

    August 13, 2015 at 4:34 pm

    This is a sweet knife that I would take hunting and camping.

  20. Most gorgeous blade I’ve ever seen!

  21. I love the design of this blade!

  22. I would give the knife to my girlfriend

  23. That is a wicked looking blade!

  24. massive cool !

  25. I’d take it everywhere !

  26. I’d use this when I’m out clearing trails in the woods

  27. It would be on hip while hiking .

  28. Cool prize!

  29. Awesome prize and would be in turn given to my son as a Christmas gift.

  30. Awesome blade

  31. This is such a beautiful blade I would either use it all the time or display it and start my long-awaited knife collection. I feel like this would be a really cool thing to bring on a themed bbq as well hahaha

  32. this knife is badass.

  33. I shall name it……Needle !

  34. This would make a great camp/hunting knife.

  35. AWESOME,Tagged Jay and shared !

  36. As a knife collector, and a survivalist i need this knife

  37. Candace Galan-Calderon

    August 14, 2015 at 7:38 pm

    I would take it camping.

  38. I would probably give it to a family member as a gift – or I would keep it for myself, because it is very cool.

  39. That knife is wicked a very nice throwback tp notably one of the greatest militaries the world has ever seen

  40. I would endlessly fondle this knife and sleep with it next to my pillow. If my wife will let me.

  41. Stephen Saunders

    August 14, 2015 at 9:29 pm

    I’d put it with my camping gear, a.k.a. my crap hit the fan survival stash.

  42. I would take it to use while camping and fishing


    August 14, 2015 at 11:26 pm

    I would give this to my boyfriend, for tactical use. It would be the best gift ever…

  44. Cool knife!

  45. I’m looking foward for this baby. =)

  46. This is awesome!

  47. What a beautiful knife! I’d take it hiking and camping. It would make my husband extremely jealous.

  48. This would be a great addition to my collections.

  49. OMG that thing is awesome

  50. I love unique knives and this one looks amazing!

  51. Why reinvent the wheel when you can take ideas that worked from the past and integrate them now? Looks like a great knife for multiple uses.

  52. This knife is sooooo badass!!!

  53. It’s so gorgeous, I would display it on my wall proudly!

  54. Would make a nice addition to the collection for sure.

  55. Will be nice addition to the buggy bag

  56. HMRodriguezLuina

    August 20, 2015 at 1:01 pm

    I will find a way to incorporate this beast to my EDC,
    OH, YEAH

  57. Great piece to start a Roman set…

  58. I’d take it whenever I go camping or fishing. It looks like it would be a good survival knife.

  59. This has got to be the best looking knife I have seen in years – literally years and years. Elegant but hefty, with the gold lettering and large pommel, it’s amazing. On top of that to know that it’s got a blade made of super quality steel and not just 440 let’s you know it’s not a trailer queen; it can stand up to abuse and be around for the stories long into the future. Really an amazing and inspired piece of (art) work!

  60. I would use this knife at work and at home

  61. This Is amazing

  62. Total Badass Knife, Haven’t seen one like this before, Love It!

    • That is One Sweet Blade! Hefty enough that I wouldn’t be afraid of throwing it into a Tree… But the design is elegant enough to Make you Not want to throw it at a Tree at alI, because I wouldn’t want to put a scratch on it Anywhere! It even appears to be well Balanced Given the thickness of the Steel, width of the wide blade and the tapered narrowed Handle. I’d like to have that on my Belt and carry it Everywhere I Go!

      Good Article with a Lot of Valid points for sure.
      I would have to agree ith the Writer of this article! It does seem like just about Every Blade Style has been made before, and then copied to some degree. Even if parts of a Design are taken from 6 different knives and incorporated into what someone is Now Calling their New Knife Design!
      I respect the Designer of this knife for just being Honest and Telling it Like it is, right out of the Gate!!!

      Honesty, a Trait that’s been Disappearing from the Business World for a Long Time now! It’s refreshing to see some Honesty, especially from somebody that’s just Gotten into the Spotlight in the World of Knives.

  63. That would be an awesome addition to my bob!

  64. OK, I’ve named it so now it must be mine, and it’s more than a survival tool… it’s a kitchen maiden’s best tool.

  65. I will cherish this blade and cut many…things with it.

  66. That is a thing of beauty!!!

  67. i won no more entries taken

  68. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. I would use it to show off to the guys how cool knife depot is” are you not entertained” I would yell as I stand naked in my yard late at night under a theater of stars and planets

  70. Love it
    Love it
    Love it !

  71. i would eat with this knife dressed up as a roman emperor

  72. This set up would go with me fishing camping and any where else I can show it off.

  73. this would definitely go on my tactical field bag!

  74. I wouldn’t use it. This knife would use me.

  75. Awesome blade!

  76. I would put it in my edc bag.

  77. The knife would compliment my PWS MK2 MOD1 MR216 7.62 NATO butt-kicking rifle.

  78. So majestic! I’d use it to slice fancy meat.

  79. Arizona has no restrictions on knife carry, so this would most definitely become my everyday carry knife if I won it! I use my knives for everything, and I carry them everywhere because you never know when you’ll need it.

  80. damn this knife looks cool! I want it because it would be a great knife to start my fixed blade collection with

  81. i would display it on the wall

  82. I would use this knife as my hunting knife as all the knifes i have at the moment aren’t very good so i need a new on for sticking pigs and gutting the deer

  83. I’d use this knife while hiking in the NM desert!

  84. Thank you for your generosity and opportunity. This is a knife that should be cherished.

    I would myself Keep this knife in mint condition, and would more than likely carry it while camping, or a SHTF scenario.

  85. this would be a great knife to add to my Bug Out Bag

  86. I love the design and would like to add to my edc bag.

  87. just what my bug out bag needs when the SHTF, great job on making a must own knife

  88. Jonathan Nathaniel

    August 22, 2015 at 2:42 pm

    This blade looks to be up for some serious tasks. Thanks for the opportunity and good luck everyone!

  89. That is one SICK blade, gotta have it!

  90. Beautiful. Functional. Awesome!

  91. What a nice knife.

  92. I’d use it camping.

  93. Would use it for all different stuff. Think it would be a great knife to take camping.

  94. would love to win!

  95. would love to win that knife!

  96. If I won said knife I’d display it and play with it. It looks like it’d be good for gutting various evil doers but I’m hoping it never comes to that.

  97. Awesome weapon for self defense.


  99. Camping trips or going anywhere outdoors.

  100. this would be an awesome knife to own 🙂

  101. Would use this for camping and as a collection piece

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