Who is the Vegan Black Metal Chef?

He’s a Youtube cooking sensation profiled by The Washington Post today.

Death Metal Vegan Chef
The Orlando-based chef, whose real name is Brian Manowitz, sports Gothic face paint and rubber armor while slicing, pounding and shredding food into submission; next to him,  an Iron Chef is about as intimidating as a high school lunch lady.

Of course, as you might expect, the Vegan Black Metal Chef has some pretty serious cooking knives in his collection:

The cooking utensils on the counter — swords, daggers, blades of chaos — shudder menacingly with pulsing vibrations of the ominous background music, which, like the Vegan Black Metal Chef, is also black metal.

In fact, if you skip through to 1:30 in this video, you can watch this master of culinary death slicing away at some tofu with a downright scary kitchen knife. Check it out.