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Watch Woodworker Create Homemade Knife Sharpener

Sharpening is a necessary evil when you own knives. While it can be complicated to start with, it doesn’t need to be with a little practice.

But, if you’re good with your hands, you can make your life easier by making your own knife sharpener with a few simple items.

That’s what carpenter John Heisz of I Build It did on his YouTube channel.

By using an old oil stone and some plywood, he was able to craft a homemade knife sharpener that you pull through interlocking teeth.

This may not make the best or most practical knife sharpener in the world, but I always enjoy seeing people use ingenuity to create their own take on knife-related gear — whether it’s turning old wrenches into functional knives or forging knives with primitive tools.

Here’s the video. I recommend giving him a subscribe for other cool projects:

There’s also an accompanying article going into more detail of how to make it if you happen to be the handy type.

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