Miller Knives is at it again.

The Miller Knives YouTube channel is well-known for making an array of knives, including transforming old pieces of junk like hammers into functioning tools like a throwing ax. In fact, Miller Knives was featured in a recent post looking at 12 knives made from old pieces of junk.

In a video released about a month ago, Miller took a 100% inert (let’s stress that) .303 British caliber bullet and in under five minutes of video time, transforms the bullet into a functional knife.

Watching him work makes it seem so easy and effortless, but I know when I try, it’ll fail miserably. And, yes, I know I’m what’s wrong with America when I can’t do a simple project with my hands like turn a bullet into a knife.

But one of the best parts of his videos is the lack of background music. Getting to hear the sound of the workshop is better than some annoying rock song distracting me from what’s going on.

So check out the video and give Miller Knives a subscribe on YouTube. You definitely won’t regret it.