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Watch a Swiss Army Knife Fly Up Into the Stratosphere on a Weather-Balloon

Space: the final frontier. This is the story of a Swiss Army knife and a weather-balloon. Its four-minute journey: to reach new heights and challenging conditions, to boldly go where no knife has gone before.

Knives in space!

Forgive my indulgences, but the opportunity to redo the opening monologue of Star Trek with knives seemed too good to pass up. A man in Switzerland, who was sponsored by Victorinox, launched a weather-balloon into the heavens. Attached to the balloon was a Classic Swiss Army Knife and a GoPro camera to capture the stunning images.

Now to fact check myself a little. First, this knife technically didn’t make it into space. The balloon popped at about 30 kilometers (or a little more than 18.6 miles for us Americans), which is in the stratosphere layer of our atmosphere. Second, the first knife in space was the Randall Model 17 “Astro.” In fact, the Swiss Army knife has already made several actual trips into space.

Still it’s fun and amazing to watch this Victorinox slowly ascend into the heavens and fall back down to Earth.


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  1. Haha this is great. I can honestly say ive never thought about sending a swiss army knife into space. Looks like they got some great shots though!

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