SOG Specialty Knives isn’t the only maker of a hybrid flashlight and knife.

The new LK375 Light Knife was recently announced by COAST Products and can be seen at the National Hardware Show between May 5 and May 7, according to a press release at Ammoland.

COAST is known for making an array of relatively inexpensive tactical folders as well as flashlights. In their latest product, they combine the two tools into one.

This approach to the light knife is a bit different than SOG’s. SOG was more well-known for making knives, but COAST has a strong history with LED technology. The flashlight on the knife has 110 lumens, a 173 foot beam distance, and is IPX7 waterproof rated.

EEJDIVMLQLN896FNBTO552The single flashlight is built right next to the 7Cr17 stainless steel blade that’s 3.75 inches. The blade has a thumb hole for one-handed opening and locks open with a liner lock.

This new knife will obviously be compared to the SOG BladeLight. The BladeLight originally started out as a fixed blade, but there are now tons of variations, including the BladeLight folder in different sizes.

Six LED lights (about 35 lumens) surround the blade on the BladeLight, so the light on the COAST knife is pretty different.

It’ll be interesting to see the side-by-side comparisons when the knife is available. The cost over at the COAST website is $58.99.


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