The effort to get knives recognized under the Second Amendment saw another success this week after the Utah legislature took steps to pass a law that would prohibit city and local municipalities from regulating the use of knives.

The passage is seen as a victory for knife rights enthusiasts who see this as an important step to preserving the right to carry knives.

Rep. Ryan Wilcox, the sponsor of the bill, was reported in the Desert News saying that knives should be included under the protections of the Second Amendment and shielded from laws made by municipalities.

“I understand the concern of municipalities,” Wilcox said. “On the other hand, there are some rights that are fundamental to our core as a nation and should be protected.”

What the bill would do is make knife laws around Utah consistent so hunters carrying knives in different cities are not violating local restrictions.

The bill, known as HB271, passed the state’s House of Representatives 52-17 and will now go to the state’s Senate for a vote.

Last year, New Hampshire passed a similar law that recognized knives as protected under the Second Amendment. That law tacked knives onto the existing protections of firearms, effectively doing away with most restrictions on buying and carrying knives in the state.