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Gorgeous Maple Wood Kitchen Knives via The Federal

Late last year, The Federal, an Ottawa-based design firm, prototyped a set of kitchen knives crafted from polished steel and Canadian maple wood. The knives’ particular proportion of wood to metal is unique, but how does it handle? Their materials are undoubtedly high-quality; plus, the warm tone of the wood makes the knives look gentler than the sleek, cold steel that typically graces our kitchens.

Here’s what The Federal has to say about these wooden wonders:

With this project we wanted to explore an alternative emotion to the standard kitchen knives you see every day. The focus is drawn to the high polished blade, while the rest of the knife’s Maple wood body sits warmly in the hand and blends in to its surroundings. The wood is sealed and food safe to allow for easy cleanup. The knife gives the appearance of being lightweight; however their weight is balanced to ensure that they can be used by any level of chef.

As you can see, these knives are quite different! They may even be the beginning of a new trend in culinary knives: one which increasingly emphasizes the home decor aspect of a knife collection. What do you think? Is this a good direction for knives to move toward?


  1. Camping Knives

    April 10, 2013 at 1:56 am

    Wow, those are gorgeous knives. They’re almost too nice to use. I would imagine that the wood would stain from various juices and blood from everyday use. Is the wood treated to prevent this?

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