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Knife Rights Holding ‘Bring Your Own Bowie’ Event at The Alamo

NOTE: Due to the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, the event has been postponed by Knife Rights until further notice.

For more than 140 years, the Bowie knife has been outlawed in the state of Texas, the very same state in which the knife was born.

But thanks to a new law passed a few months ago, Bowie knives (along with daggers, swords, spears, dirks, stilettos, and poniards) will be legal to carry nearly anywhere starting Sept. 1.

In celebration of this momentous enactment, Knife Rights is sponsoring the Texas Bowie Knife Liberty Celebration at The Alamo on Sept. 2. The knife advocacy organization is promoting the event as a BYOB (Bring Your Own Bowie) event in which the public will be able to proudly carry a Bowie knife in public for the first time in their lives.

The event is brief but there will be a special showing of historical Bowie knives in the mission’s collection and presentations about the history of the Bowie knife.

It also coincides with the famous mission’s “First Saturday at The Alamo” program that transforms The Alamo back to the times of the 1830s.

For those who don’t know the history behind The Alamo, it is the site where a group of Texans fought against the Mexican Army during the Texas Revolution. The Texans holed up in The Alamo but were eventually overtaken by the Mexican Army. Up to 250 Texans died during the battle but historians say 600 Mexican were killed as well.

Among those two hundred Texans was the legendary Jim Bowie, the famous fighter and frontiersman known for rising to fame after he used his iconic knife to kill his opponent in the infamous Sandbar Fight.

Right now, The Alamo is holding a special exhibit on Bowie called “Bowie: Man, Knife, Legend” that highlights the man and his knives.

If you’re in or around Texas, I recommend going to the historic event at The Alamo and taking in the great history of the site.

It is also a way to show that the new knife law allows people to celebrate and honor history. The main focus of the law in the media is the fact that people will now allowed to carry swords in public. This event shows that it’s much more than that.


  1. Great law. Thanks texas legislature. About time. Also thanks Gov. Abbott. James Long former US Marine.

  2. Great article! Thanks for sharing it 🙂

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