A strange virus has spread across the world. Normal, law-abiding citizens now have a thirst for flesh and blood. The dead shuffle among the living with a goal of eating any human in its path.

What are you to do? Grab the KA-BAR Zombie Killer Famine Tanto.

The ZK Famine is a rugged tool designed to take down the walking dead while tackling the toughest survival tasks with impunity.

This 13-inch knife boasts a 7.5-inch blade with a stout tanto profile. The tanto is strong and capable of piercing the toughest materials without fear of breaking the tip.

Here is a look at the older version of the knife in action:

Lower down the black-coated 1095 Cro-Van blade is shark-tooth-style serrations. Its serrations are aggressive enough to take down any threatening corpse or tear through thick branches.

A few markings adorn the large blade, including the ZK biohazard logo, the regular “KA-BAR Olean, NY” phrase, and the American flag—because this knife is proudly made in the United States.

The Famine wouldn’t be a part of the Zombie Killer KA-BAR line without the toxic green handle scales made from GFN-PA66. Ergonomically designed to keep the knife firmly in your hands, the handle is comfortable and grippy in all types of weather conditions.

A metal protrusion at the end of the handle also keeps the knife from flying out of your hands and provides another means of protection.


Because the zombie apocalypse doesn’t happen every day, the Famine comes with an extra set of black scales so that you can have a standard all-black knife for your everyday survival needs.

The Famine also comes with a nylon and Cordura sheath, along with a bonus “Acheron” skeleton knife that fits right into the carry system. With this knife from KA-BAR, you’ll be prepared for anything.

For more information on this Badass Knife of the Week, check out the product page for the KA-BAR Zombie Killer Famine Tanto.


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