There are countless ways to use a knife — from opening packages and cutting twine to sharpening pencils and saving lives. While knives are great for accomplishing an array of functional tasks, sometimes they’re good for a little entertainment, such as throwing knives.

Our latest Badass Knife of the Week puts the fun back in knives with a set of three throwers known as the Magnum by Boker Mini Bo-Kri Throwing Knife Set.

Here’s a great video overview from shooter1721 on YouTube:

Like shimmering trout swimming through a river, these wavy throwers from Boker are engineered for speed and efficient movement. The throwers are designed by the great John Bailey, who has won first place in the World Quick Draw Knife Throwing Competition several years in a row.

Bailey uses his diverse experience to create a design that features unique contours and lines to help achieve whip-cracking speeds and bullseye hits.

Bailey’s personal signature is stamped on every one of these blades, just so you know whom to thank later.

These throwers measure 10.75 inches from tip to tail, with clip point blades that are made to stick deep in your targets. Made from durable 420J2 stainless steel, the knives feel balanced in hand and weighs 7.8 ounces.

For easy handling, this set also includes a deluxe leather sheath that fits all three knives.

For more information on this Badass Knife of the Week, check out the product page for the Magnum by Boker Mini Bo-Kri Throwers.


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