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Best-Selling Swiss Army Knives at Knife Depot

Our look at the best-selling knives in different categories continues this week with the top-selling Swiss Army knives. Just like the previous entries into the best-selling knives, this is a general look at the knives our customers have been buying the most

This information is fluid and will change as time goes on. In fact, it has already changed. If you take into account the best-selling Swiss Army knives of the past few years, you’d see the Black Anodized SwissTool near the top, but since the item is no longer available, we’re not including it here.

This also takes into account some of the different variations. Here are some of the best-sellers.

5. Victorinox Huntsman


The Huntsman is a pretty recent addition to the list. It’s hard to say why this one is on the list, except for the fact that it’s a solid SAK. This model is essentially a lighter version of the Camper with tools like a large blade, small blade, corkscrew, wood saw, scissors, and a few others. It only weighs 3.5 ounces.

4. Victorinox Tinker


The Tinker is another one of those models with a small selection of tools. This 91mm SAK has similar tools as the Huntsman but without scissors. What gives the Tinker a leg up is the fact that it comes in a variety of colors, including blacksapphire, and red.

There’s also a few other variations including the Super Tinker and an 84mm version, but we didn’t factor those in. That is an indication that the Tinker is popular.

3. Victorinox One-Hand Trekker


All the other knives on the list have been very traditional, but the One-Hand Trekker is a different type of Swiss Army knife. The One-Hand Trekker has a more modern look and shape to the handle with a major change in the large blade. This model has a locking blade and a thumb hole for one-handed opening (hence the name).

The One-Hand Trekker comes in a few different styles, including an Olive Drab Germany Army Knife version, a version with a camouflage handle, and a black version. The Trekker also comes in a non-one-handed version.

2. Victorinox SwissChamp


As the flagship model of Victorinox, the SwissChamp is an obvious inclusion on the list. The SwissChamp has pretty much all the tools you could possibly need in a multitool. For containing 32 tools (such as pliers, scissors, reamer, parcel hook, magnifying glass, ruler, and many more), the 91mm knife is surprisingly compact.

The black and red models are equally popular, but it also comes with a good-looking hardwood handle.

1. Victorinox Classic SD


Not only is the Victorinox Classic SD one of our best-sellers but it may also be one of the top-selling pocket knives around the world. The Classic SD is a very basic Swiss Army knife with a small blade, scissors, file with screwdriver, and toothpick. It’s simple yet functional.

What makes the Classic SD even more appealing is its availability in a wide array of colors and materials (see some here). The Classic SD with US Flag has gotten a lot of love from our customers.


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