In the word of survival, it’s hard to best Bear Grylls.  The star of Man V. Wild spends most of his TV-time hurdling cliffs, dunking himself in sub-zero ice pools, eating vile animal parts and doing other badass stuff that only a guy whose first name is Bear can do.

At his side is usually a survival knife, which is probably why Gerber decided it was wise to team up with Grylls to pump out a signature collection of Bear Grylls blades.

The latest knife to be unveiled is the Ultimate Knife, a 4.8-inch, stainless steel, serrated, drop-point blade with a range of other features.

One of the most impressive features is the fire starter, which consists of a ferrocerium rod that locks in the sheath and can be rubbed against a striker notch on the back of the knife blade to produce sparks.  The knife also has its own diamond sharpener for sharpening on the go.

The knife’s sheath is made of lightweight nylon and contains an emergency whistle and special survival instructions from Bear, in case you get stuck in a sticky situation and need some sage advice.

The knife is available from a number of distributors and retails for around $60  Anyway, if you want to see the blade and get a description from the Bear himself, here’s a short promo video.

Daniel Lawton

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