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Badass Knife of the Week: Schrade Extreme Survival Fixed Blade

Picture yourself stranded in the backcountry with the sun beating down mercilessly on your face after a car crash throws you into the unknown. If you could pick one knife to have by your side, it should be this week’s Badass Knife of the Week: the Schrade Extreme Survival Knife.

When it comes to surviving, the less that can go wrong means the more that can go right. The Schrade Extreme Survival Knife excels in this area.

The 12.1-inch overall fixed blade is all strength with no fluff. The 1095 high carbon steel blade has a drop point, which is a great all-purpose blade style for doing essential tasks like hunting and constructing shelters.

As you would want on any survival knife, the Extreme features a full tang to give it extra strength and durability, so it won’t break when you need it most. The ergonomic Kraton handle proves its worth after long and repeated uses—meaning your hands won’t hate you at the end of the day.

A solid sheath is another thing to look for in a survival knife because a knife is worthless if you’re not carrying it on you. The Extreme’s ballistic belt sheath comes with a removable storage pouch you can stock with a few survival essentials like waterproof matches.

Although price isn’t a huge factor in the Badass Knife of the Week, it’s hard to ignore how surprisingly affordable the Schrade Extreme is compared to similar survival knives.

Schrade has made huge strides in its recent designs and the Extreme Survival Knife is a homerun, rightfully earning its title as Badass Knife of the Week.

Want more info on this week’s Badass Knife of the Week? Head over to the Schrade Extreme Survival Knife product page.


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  1. The Schrade Extreme knife definitely intrigues me, thanks for posting it as the knife of the week! I might have to pick this one up soon.

    The Kraton handle is something I really love–well, based on what I’ve read and even heard mentioned in YouTube clips. I really want something that not only won’t slip out of my hands, but truly FEELS GOOD in the hand. That’s probably the biggest thing that stood out in your summary above, at least for me.

    I also appreciate the fact that this knife is quite affordable, so it really seems like a win win. Thanks again, Tim!

  2. Wow, what a giant blade. Definitely looks great! How come it costs only 50 bucks? 🙂 Cool

  3. The Kraton handle and the high carbon steel blade definitely makes this a badass knife at a very affordable price. This is definitely a great gift idea.

  4. Schrade is really a wonderful knife with an excellent blade. I also have one and am absolutely loving it. It’s handle is super grippy and not only that it’s super affordable.

  5. Have you seen Gerber fixed blade knife? It is also badass like Schrade.

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