Meet your new favorite knife.

The Boker Plus Anti-Grav Pocket Knife claims the honorable distinction of being the first Badass Knife of the Week with a ceramic blade. What’s so badass about a ceramic blade? Let us explain.

The 3.25-inch ceramic blade on the Anti-Grav has a number of advantages over traditional steel blades, including superior edge retention, a lighter weight, excellent rust-resistance, and much more.

Despite the bad rap ceramic blades have received over the years, the sleek blade on this knife will cut like few knives you’ve seen before. The best part is that it’ll keep cutting that way long after your others knives have gone dull. We’ve written about the advantages of ceramic blades if you’re interested.

With a total length of 7.75 inches when open, the knife is surprisingly lightweight, coming in at a mere 2.10 ounces.

The beauty doesn’t stop there though. The handle is made from carbon fiber, which not only helps cut down on the weight but also instills the knife with a sense of style and elegance.

Rounding out the folder, which uses a framelock for extra security when in use, is a pocket clip, thumb stud for one-handed opening, and a lanyard hole.

Once you’ve used this ceramic blade, you’ll wonder why you waited this long to try one.

For more information on this Badass Knife of the Week, check out the product page for the Boker Plus Anti-Grav Pocket Knife.