And the 2011 Blade Show “Overall Knife Of The Year” is… the Zero Tolerance 0777.

In the first batch of major knife awards, which were doled out at the 2011 Blade Show and included categories like Most Innovative American Design and Imported Knife Of The Year, the Zero Tolerance 0777 took the cake.

The ZT 0777 is a modern looking and highly functional folding knife with a sleek design.

The knife has a 3.75 inch composite blade with a Bohler N360 cutting edge and a 3D machined carbon fiber handle. Although it has a Damascus blade, they made it fully functional and very practical with its titanium steel clip near the bottom of the handle. The knife also has an adjustable sub-frame lock.

For those who aren’t familiar with the Zero Tolerance line, it’s a collaboration between KAI USA Ltd. and custom knife makers Ken Onion, Tim Galyean, and Strider Knives. which is dedicated to developing professional-grade combat knives.

This is a brilliantly constructed knife that’s already turned many heads and will undoubtedly turn more. Here is an image of the other side of the knife.