The utility knife is an amazing multipurpose tool with countless uses. Its retractable blade and lightweight design allows it to be safely carried in pockets or toolboxes.

Aside from cutting boxes or tape, there are a number of other uses you may not be aware of. Here are 7 unique ways you can use a utility knife.

1. Removing paint-covered screws

After you’ve painted the house, you may have accidentally gone over a number of screws that you now need to take out. Nevertheless, a utility knife makes the task effortless. Simply go to the screw, carefully scrape out the paint from the slots and unscrew it. Be sure to completely scrape off all the paint from the slots, so the screwdriver can get a strong grip.

2. Cutting foam

Foam is a great way to protect and organize your tools, which is why people usually use it to line their toolboxes. Since it requires precise measurement, utility knives are perfect for cutting the foam into rectangles.

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