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Modern samurai cuts speeding bullet in half (video)

It’s simply amazing what can be done with a good sword.

Isao Machii also known as the modern samurai has such control and connection with his sword that he can cut a speeding bullet in half. That’s right, a speeding bullet.

A friend told me about Machii’s bullet-cutting abilities, but I found it hard to believe until I watched the video below.

Machii was featured on the television show Stan Lee’s Superhumans, which highlights people with real superhuman abilities. In one episode last year, they focused on Machii’s sword-wielding skills. In one of the first segments, Machii impressively sliced a baseball in two clean pieces, but the major feat was cutting the BB shot from a gun.

In order for him to do something like this, he has to really connect and feel his sword rather than simply look at the BB approach.

Check out this clip and be amazed. Just remember, don’t try this with one of your samurai swords.

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Sword-Wielding, Waterskiing Fish Hunters: Smart or Insane?

Every now and then there’s a video so utterly crazy that it starts to seem like a good idea… well, almost.

Two men, fed up with the invasive Asian Carp species heading toward the Great Lakes, took to the river armed with samurai swords, Wolverine-like steel claws and spiked body armor. And, what’s the best way to hunt Asian Carp with swords? On water skis of course.

According to the video, Asian Carps were brought to America and immediately invaded the waters. Now, the leaping fish are heading toward the Great Lakes and the government is trying to stop them with poison or genetic engineering. The two guys, who call themselves the Peoria Carp Hunters, are using their own ingenious ways to combat the large fish.

Keep in mind that these are “professionals” so you should definitely not strap spikes to your body, grab a sword and go waterskiing, not that you’d probably want to anyway.

Take a look at the video and let us know whether you think these guys are cool or off their rocker.

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Umbrella that looks like sword mistaken for gun

In very odd news, a mall in Boston was put on lockdown after a man carrying an umbrella that resembles the handle and sheath of a samurai sword was thought to actually be carrying a rifle.

Although this isn’t 100% knife-related news, it’s still fascinating to see how people react to weapons, whether it’s something that looks like a sword or perhaps looks like a gun. It also raises the question as to whether people should be allowed to carry objects that look like weapons.

One of the police officers who responded to the incident said that although it’s a free country and people should be able to buy what they please, people should not buy an item that looks like a weapon based on pure common sense.

This isn’t the first time these umbrellas caused controversy. Last summer, a SWAT team was called to an Atlanta university after students reported someone was carrying a samurai sword. Of course, the deadly sword turned out to be a harmless umbrella.

So, what do you think? Would you wear one of these cool-looking umbrellas knowing that people might mistake it for a sword or would you rather keep your real samurai sword safely at home?

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Five Reasons to Pick Up Sword Fighting

This post is the first in a week-long series about swords in conjunction with our first Cutting Edge product give-away.  Place a comment responding to this post or any other between today and midnight on Sunday and you’ll be entered to win a 51-inch William Wallace replica sword ($119 value, pictured below).

William Wallace Replica Sword

Picture this:  It’s an ordinary Saturday afternoon around your house and your wife is about to leave for bridge club.

“Do you have any plans, honey,” she inquires in a condescending tone, expecting you to have none.

“Actually, I do,” you announce, pulling a 30-inch Katana sword from the sheath affixed to your belt. “I’m going to my sword fighting club.”

All around the world. ordinary dudes like yourself are living exciting lives by participating in sword fighting.  Don’t believe me? Here’s a huge list of sword fighting clubs across the U.S.

Not convinced that sword fighting is for you?  Here are a few reasons to give it a shot.

Sword Fighting is a Primal Right of Manhood

Have you ever felt like you’ve missed your destiny?  Have you ever considered that in a former life you were a swashbuckling pirate or a knight in shining armor who sliced through his foes?

If you have, then you may be completely delusional.  However, that doesn’t mean you can’t pick up a sword fighting hobby that’s exciting, healthy and just downright macho.

Sword fighting exhibitions are held every year in locations across the world and you can be a participant.  Why sit on the couch twiddling your thumbs when you could be donning armor and fighting it out on the field while living your medieval fantasy

Sword fighting makes you buff

As long as you don’t stabbed through the heart.  Have you ever seen a fat Samurai?  No, you haven’t, and that’s because there aren’t any.

Sword fighting sheds fat, burns calories and can chisel your body.  There are also numerous sword fighting classes available throughout the Hollywood and Manhattan areas, but if by some freakish reason you don’t live in these bastions of new-age exercise, there is no reason to worry.  I have a solution for you.

There are books on sword fighting

Seriously. Not only are there books, but there are sword fighting  E-books, which means that you can sit in your basement on your laptop and learn to sword fight better then William Wallace.

What could be better than reading an ordinary E-book? How about reading one on sword fighting!

Sword fighting helps you appreciate history

A history book?  Yeah, that sounds like a really great way to pass time.  But, what if medieval history, had, dare I say, a bit more of an edge to it?

It does.  From Lancelot to Miyamoto Musashi, sword fighters have been revered throughout history.  Oh, what’s that, you don’t know who Miyamato Musashi is?

He’s an ancient Japanese warrior who won hundreds of duels;  In the most infamous, he killed a man with a weapon that he constructed from an oar on the boat-ride over.

Sword fighting is steeped in the tradition and the history of Europe and Asia, which means that in order to fully appreciate it, you’ll want to digest some ancient manuals on the craft. By doing so, you will appear to be much more educated than you are.

Buying a sword is easy

Don’t worry, you don’t need to scour your local sporting goods store for a proper blade. Ninja swords and accessories are available from a number of online retailers and are quite affordable.

Don’t wait any longer.  The time has come for you to claim your destiny.  Buy a sword (and a sheath) and become the man you’ve always wanted to be.

Want to win a 51-inch William Wallace replica sword ($119 value)?  If so, leave a comment below with one reason (no matter how weird) why you’d be proud to own this sword. Everyone who leaves a comment on a Cutting Edge blog post through Sunday will be entered and a winner will be chosen at random.

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Buying Knives at the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

Knives at Chiang Mai Knife MarketCHIANG MAI, ThailandThe Chiang Mai night bazaar  is a good place to buy a light-brown Chang Beer tank top for $6.  There are also numerous silk robes for sale in the same price range, in case you’re looking for something more modest.

If you fancy neither of these items, then you can choose from the following: fake Rolex watches, ostrich-leather wallets (I have two), knock-off Tiffany jewelry, statues of the Buddha, cowboy hats, necklaces, flower-shaped lampshades, boxing shorts, or if you want to drop out of reality for a few weeks, the entire series of “The Sopranos.”

I walked through hundreds of these stands last night, buying nothing, until eventually I stumbled onto a cart stocked with an armory of knives, swords, throwing stars and machetes run by a very small man who drives a hard bargain and rarely tells the truth.

I had already been burned by buying counterfeit knives once on the Thailand-Burma border, where I bought a fake Dark Ops Stratofighter Stileto for $15.  For this reason, I wasn’t particularly interested in buying any pocket knives, especially after the merchant selling them told me that a Browning pocket knife, which had USA clearly written on it, was produced in a village 10 km away.

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