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30 of the Strangest (or Ugliest) Spyderco Knife Designs Ever

Regular readers here at the Knife Depot blog know just how much we love Spyderco Knives. We’ve written a number of blog posts about the iconic brand, as well as a comprehensive article about its history, designers, innovations, and more.

Despite our gushing over Spyderco Knives, we’re not afraid to say the company comes up with some of the most bizarre and strange-looking designs ever. Although many people would call some designs downright ugly, their functionality-over-looks mentality is part of why we love them so much.

I went through some of the most unique blade shapes already, which featured more than a few Spydies, but I wanted to dedicate a whole post to interesting Spyderco knives.

I originally wrote this post a few years ago with 10, but I’ve since gone through the archives of products and seen some of the latest models and thought it would be a good idea to give this list an update.

So now, instead of the 10 most awesomely bizarre Spyderco knives, here are the 30 most awesomely bizarre Spyderco knives.

1. Spyderco Matriarch 2 with Wave

The original list featured the Civilian, but I’ve come to realize the Matriarch 2 with the Wave feature is even more strange. Long-time Spyderco fans have probably become inured to the odd look of the knife since the larger version has been around since the 1990s, but if you give this knife to the common person, they’d likely be confused.

It has a fully serrated patented reverse S-blade with the wave featured made by Ernest Emerson. Users can engage the knife in a single motion out of the pocket. The blade shape and wave give this an almost reptilian look.

2. Spyderco Captain


From the fierce Matriarch 2 with Wave to the pudgy Captain. This discontinued knife had a 4-inch blade with a shape like no other. The lower part of the blade was curved with a bulbous tip. The handle was also somewhat blocky and peppered with screws and rivets.

Part of the reason it was probably discontinued was the fact that it was unclear what the goal of the knife was.

3. Spyderco Roadie

Next up is the Roadie — one of the most recent models on this list. This design came about after the TSA announced it was going to allow certain knives on planes. Working within those limitations, Spyderco made the Roadie.

But when the TSA reversed its decision to allow knives on planes, Spyderco went forward with the release. Despite its very odd look, the knife is beloved by diehards. It has a 2.09-inch blade that looks like the head of a dodo and a slender handle. The blade opens up with a pair of symmetrical dimples and doesn’t look intimidating at all.

Strange indeed.

4. Spyderco Q


Simply named the Q, this knife featured a fascinating design that’s come in a ton of variations — at least 50 according to Spyderco Source. The standard version of the Q has a cutout blade design with the Spyderco logo on a web. The handle also has cutouts and comes in different colors.

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Father & Son Knifemakers

My son is only two years old, but I’m already looking forward to all things I’ll teach him about my trade. Unfortunately, the things I work with aren’t necessarily cool. Sure, blogging and the occasional graphic design is fun, but it’s not nearly as badass as making knives.

A select few fathers and sons have traded thoughts and ideas surrounding knives, and some have even collaborated on designs.

Since it’s the time of year when fathers and sons get together, we decided to take a look at the father and son duos in the knife world. Let us know in the comments if we made any glaring omissions.

Michael and Baltazar E. Martinez

michaelmartinezandhisfather2_fullMichael, along with his father Baltazar, invented a number of items over the years, but what they’re best known for is the CRKT Ultima Fixed Blade. Michael Martinez is a sculptor, inventor, and martial artist who helped reinvent the fixed blade with the Ultima.

Here’s what Michael said at the CRKT site: “In my edged weapons training, I kept noticing how many knives didn’t feel right, didn’t have a grip that gave both control and comfort in the four fundamental tactical grips.”

His father, who was a mechanical engineer working on classified nuclear system design for the defense department for more than 30 years, contributed to the project by injecting his own design into the knife.

The result was a knife that achieved 22 out of 23 ideal contact points with its comfortable handle. Even though this father and son duo is mainly known for designing this one knife, they definitely deserve some recognition.

Sal & Eric Glesser

Few knife makers have brought such innovation and legitimacy to the knife world like the legendary Sal Glesser. Sal—the founder of Spyderco—not only pioneered features like the pocket clip, serrations, and ambidextrous opening hole but he’s also a very down to earth guy. You can find him frequenting knife forums and answering people’s questions with honesty and modesty. He designed the Delica, Endura, Military, Persistence, and many others.

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New 2016 Spyderco Knives

We’ve barely cracked the surface of the new knives for 2016. If you want to see some of the other new knives for 2016, you can see all the posts here.

This week, we’re looking at the new Spyderco knives. There are only a handful of new models with a selection of upgrades/sprint runs. We thought it’d be a good idea to take a look at those going the way of the Dodo too.

Brand New Knives

We’ll kick things off with the new models from Spyderco.



If you’re a fan of some of the weirdest Spyderco knives, then you’ll love the Spyderco Introvert. This folder was designed by martial artist and knifemaker Chris Knutson with the idea of making a knife that can open quickly and offer a secure grip. The index hole not only offers a strong grip but it also doubles as a flipper when closed. It has a 2.79-inch blade made from VG-10 stainless steel and G-10 scales.

Lil’ Lum


Billed as a gentleman’s folder by Spyderco, the Lil’ Lum was designed by the late Bob Lum. It has a leaf-shaped VG-10 steel blade that’s 2.38 inches long. It has G-10 scales and full skeletonized stainless steel liners.



Mantra 2


The Mantras are great-looking knives made with quality materials. The blades are made from CPM M4 steel with full-flat grinds, and the handles are stonewashed titanium. The Mantra has a classic Spyderco blade with its iconic Spydie hole and leaf-shaped blade.

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Spyderco Vallotton Sub-Hilt Folder – Badass Knife of the Week


If you travel to the crossroads of breathtaking design and quality construction, you’ll arrive at the latest Badass Knife of the Week.

The Spyderco Vallotton Sub-Hilt Folder is a critically acclaimed custom collaboration between Butch Vallotton and Spyderco that demonstrates the kind of quality and innovation you can expect from two great entities.

The Vallotton Sub-Hilt folder features a 3.75-inch blade made from premium CPM S30V steel, which is known for its toughness, corrosion resistance, and ability to keep an edge. Its modified tanto blade has a hollow grind at the cutting edge with a convex grind at the tip.

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Spyderco Schempp Rock – Badass Knife of the Week


When you need a tool that’ll tear through anything you throw at it without even breaking a sweat, the latest Badass Knife of the Week is the only knife for the job.

The Spyderco Schempp Rock is a large fixed blade with enticing curves and a seductive design.

We usually start by highlighting the blade, but the shapely handle is something to behold.

Coming from the brilliant mind of one of Spyderco’s most successful collaborators, the one thing you can bet your money on is the fact that the handle will be as comfortable as an old shoe.

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Top 5 Best-Selling Spyderco Knives at Knife Depot

Spyderco is an institution in the knife industry. Even though they started off making knives without any care for aesthetic qualities, Spyderco knives are some of the most mimicked around.

People often ask me about the best or most popular model from Spyderco. Each Spyderco has its own attributes and qualities that may appeal to one person and not to another. I usually point them to our thorough article, which also has a list of the most iconic Spyderco knives. However, that doesn’t tell the full story.

Since people oftentimes speak truth through their wallet, I went into the sales of Knife Depot to look at the best-selling Spyderco models. Although this doesn’t mean they’re the best or most popular elsewhere, it’s a good indication as to what Spyderco knives people are looking to buy.

5. Spyderco Endura 4


It’s no surprise the Endura 4 is in the top five. Not only did it make our list of most iconic knives ever but it’s also touted as an important and game-changing knife that defines the brand. The Endura, now in its fourth iteration, was released in 1990 and looked unlike many other knives back then. Along with the Delica (which only missed this list of best-sellers by a hair), the Endura remains one of Spyderco’s masterpieces.

4. Spyderco Tenacious


Try to find a bad review of the Spyderco Tenacious. We’ll save you hours of searching and just tell you that there’s not much negative stuff out there. Spyderco can be polarizing, but they seemed to have found a sweet spot with the Tenacious. This knife is a budget EDC with a leaf-shaped blade, G-10 handles, and a liner lock.

3. Spyderco Military


The Military was the other Spyderco that made it on our list of most iconic knives ever. This knife is the cornerstone of the Save and Serve lineup and remains one of the most copied knives around. Like some of the other models on this list, the Military comes in a few styles, including models with a black blade and camo handle scales.

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Badass Knife of the Week: Spyderco Military

Spyderco Military

Spyderco is known for taking risks, bucking conventional wisdom, and striving for the best knives ever, regardless of what they look like.

No knife embodies these qualities of Spyderco like the latest Badass Knife of the Week: the Spyderco Military G-10.

The Military, which is better known as the Millie to its legions of dedicated fans, was introduced in the early 90s and has since earned its place in the pantheon of important knives. We’ve given the knife quite a bit of attention. Not only did it make our list of most iconic Spyderco knives but it also made our list of most iconic knives ever. So it’s only fitting that the Millie is also a Badass Knife of the Week.

What sets the Military apart from the countless clones is the attention to detail and perfectly executed design. As one of the most mimicked knives ever, the Military still proves why it’s the best.

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Badass Knife of the Week: Spyderco Pacific Salt

Spyderco Pacific Salt

With its vast amounts of salt and water, the ocean has destroyed countless knives with rust and ruin. But no knife can brave the elements of the sea like the latest Badass Knife of the Week: the Spyderco Pacific Salt.

The Spyderco Pacific Salt is not only the ultimate diving knife but it is also perfectly designed for everyday carry.

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