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SOG Zoom Mini – Badass Knife of the Week


Just because something looks great doesn’t mean it always works well. But it’s hard to look at a knife like our latest Badass Knife of the Week and not think that it’s one darn good-looking knife. Fortunately, the knife is as effective as it is sexy.

The onomatopoeically named SOG Zoom Mini is a lightning-fast knife that’s open and ready for action at a millisecond’s notice.

This miniature version of the speedy folder has a 3.15-inch blade made with AUS-8 stainless steel, an alloy with corrosion resistance that can get exceptionally sharp. The black version we’re showing features a hardcased black TiNi coating (short for Titanium Nitride). This scratch resistant coating reduces the steel’s reflective properties and increases durability.

A modified drop point with a large swedge allows for maximum versatility and function, but you can also grab the Zoom Mini in a satin finish and different blade profiles.

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SOG Trident – Badass Knife of the Week


This year marks the 30th anniversary of SOG Specialty Knives. The founder of the company, a designer named Spencer Frazer, established the company to reproduce the original SOG Bowie knife created by a highly classified US special ops unit in Vietnam.

Since the early days of the company, SOG Specialty Knives has expanded to create a full line of innovative tools for all types of people. To honor the 30th anniversary, we’re celebrating an unofficial SOG Week here at Knife Depot. That’s why this week’s Badass Knife of the Week is one of their best-selling knives: the SOG Trident.

With amazing grit, performance, and craftsmanship, the Trident is one of the most badass knives you will ever hold. Period.

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SOG Specialty Knives Celebrates 30-Year Anniversary

SOG Logos

This year marks the 30th anniversary of SOG Specialty Knives. For three decades, SOG has created some of the most innovative knives on the market. Considering the sheer amount of competition and knives that have come out since 1986, that’s saying something.

Let’s take a deeper look at the brand and what they have in store for their 30th anniversary.

The History of SOG

The origins of SOG date back to the Vietnam War when members of a highly classified U.S. special ops unit carried a unique combat knife on covert missions. At one point, the U.S. Government denied the existence of the group, which was known as the Military Assistance Command, Vietnam – Studies and Observations Group (MACV-SOG).

Here’s more about the group from an article by Leroy Thompson published in 1986.

Separate from “conventional,” unconventional operations of the 5th Special Forces Group were the clandestine operations of Military Assistance Command Vietnam/Studies and Observations Group (MACV/SOG). The Studies and Observation Group (SOG) was a cover name to disguise SOG’s real function, and the name “Special Operations Group,” as it was sometimes called, described its real mission more accurately. Activated in January of 1964, SOG was a joint services unit composed of members from all four branches of the armed forces, including Navy SEALs, Marine Recons, Air Force Special Operations pilots of the 90th Special Operations Wing, but predominantly Army Special Forces.

MACV/SOG’s missions included: cross border operations into Cambodia, Laos and North Vietnam to carry out intelligence gathering or raiding missions on the enemy’s ‘home ground’; gathering intelligence about POWs and carrying out rescue missions when possible; rescuing downed aircrews in enemy territory (“Bright Light” missions); training, inserting, and controlling agents in North Vietnam to gather intelligence or form resistance groups; carrying out ‘black’ Psy Ops such as operating fake broadcasting stations inside North Vietnam; kidnapping or assassinating key enemy personnel; retrieving sensitive document so equipment lost in enemy territory or in enemy hands; and inserting rigged mortar rounds or other booby-trapped ordnance in enemy arms caches (OPERATION ELDEST SON).

Needless to say, this group of heroes was no joke.

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SOG Arcitech Damascus – Badass Knife of the Week


Somewhere at the intersection of inimitable craftsmanship and premium collectibility lies the SOG Arcitech.

Although SOG is best known for making inexpensive tactical knives that excel at what they do, the company has ventured into the world of high-end collectible knives made with a precision and attention to detail typically reserved only for custom knives.

That’s what makes this week’s Badass Knife of the Week so special.

The limited production SOG Arcitech, which ushered in the company’s Platinum line, is a technical masterpiece with flourishes and premium materials that make this knife a must-have for any collector.

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New 2015 SOG Specialty Knives

Yes, we’re already in April, but the sheer amount of new knives this year means we’re still showcasing them on the blog. The good news is that most of these knives are now on the market, so you don’t have to wait.

This week, we’re looking at the array of new products from SOG Specialty Knives.

SOG Fillet

First up are two new fillet knives: a 6-inch fillet and a 7.5-inch fillet. The steel is 5Cr15MoV. They come with hard-molded nylon sheaths.

SOG Fillet – 6″


SOG Fillet – 7.5″


SOG Zoom

The Zoom series is a new family of knives that are designed to be lightweight folders with assisted opening. They have AUS-8 steel and anodized aluminum handles. The regular version has a blade length of 3.6 inches while the Zoom Mini has a blade length of 3.15 inches.

Some of the versions have Tanto points and/or black TiNi coating on the blade. Here’s a look at each iteration.

Zoom – Black TiNi


Zoom – Tanto, Satin


Zoom – Tanto, Black TiNi


Zoom Mini – Tanto, Black TiNi


Zoom Mini – Black TiNi


Zoom Mini – Tanto, Satin


SOG Toothlock

Another new family is the Toothpick family. As of right now, the two iterations feature either a satin finish or black TiNi finish on the partially serrated blade. The blade length is 3.1 inches and the steel is made from quality San Mai VG-10 steel. It uses a new locking mechanism from SOG.

Toothlock – Satin


Toothlock – Black TiNi


SOG Instinct

Next is the SOG Instinct. The most basic version is a compact fixed blade without any handle scales. The overall length is 5.9 inches, and the whole knife has a satin finish. Since it’s meant to offer multiple carry options, there’s a smaller version and two with G10 handles.

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Hot Kitchen, Hot Knives: Jamie Carlson of You Have to Cook It Right

This is the seventh installment of The Cutting Edge’s new article series: Hot Kitchens, Hot Knives! Cooks and foodies almost love geeking out about their knives as much as they love food (and at times, even moreso!), so we’ll be sitting down with chefs, kitchen crews, and bloggers all across the world to ask them about their knife collections and the culinary workhorses that they know and love. Check out this series every Tuesday if you want to find out what kind of heat the guys and gals in the kitchen are packing in their knife rolls.

Jamie Carlson and his mom posing with squirrels.

If you’ve ever been stumped for cooking ideas for your wild game, Jamie Carlson’s blog, You Have to Cook It Right, is a lifesaver. Though venison steaks and wild boar sausage are great standbys, they can get kind of dull — especially if you’re as good of a hunter as Carlson is. His dishes are imaginative and versatile, ranging from sesame pheasant to wild game charcuterie. Even if you’ve never hunted or eaten wild game in a serious way, Carlson’s enthusiasm for hunting will inspire you to get cracking on your duck shelter ASAP.

Naturally, he’s got quite a respectable arsenal of knives. More on that after the jump! Continue reading

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