In Nevada, lawmakers recently introduced a new proposal that would ban knives, swords, axes, machetes and hatchets from being taken on the grounds of schools, college campuses and daycare centers.

While this may seem like an attempt to prevent students from being stabbed at school, it takes away the right of a student to learn about and carry multipurpose pocket knives, which are popular among Boy Scouts.

Instead of outright banning knives and making them taboo, lawmakers should stress the importance of teaching young kids knife safety.

As we’ve seen over the years, knives save lives, so students should not be afraid of them. They should learn how to use them in a variety of situations, whether out in the wilderness or at home in the kitchen.

For any parent looking to teach their young child how to skillfully and safely use a knife, here are a few tips.

Teach them how to hold the knife correctly

This is a key first step. Teach them to firmly hold a knife by the grip, always cut away from the body and never cut something while holding it. Also, when holding a knife, it’s always important to carry it properly when it’s not in use. Demonstrate how to carry a knife so that no one around them gets injured.

Tell them to avoid using a dull knife

Even though a dull knife might seem like a safer way for children to cut something, it can actually be more dangerous. Dull knives require more pressure to cut and are more likely to slip out of their hand and injure somebody.

Watch out for your fingers

Fingers are the part of the body most likely to be cut, so it’s crucial for children to be very cautious with their fingers. Teach them to curl their fingers when holding an object they’re cutting, because fingers that are straight out have a higher chance of getting slashed.

Explain the responsibility of using a knife

Creating a responsible mentality when using a knife is probably the most valuable thing. Children should know that when they have a knife, they are completely responsible for it and that it should never be used to harm someone. Knives can be a great tool to carry along, but it can also make a dangerous weapon if used inappropriately. By establishing these guidelines early on, they will have respect for knives for the rest of their lives.


Timothy Martinez Jr. is the community director for Knife Depot and the editor of The Cutting Edge. If you have any questions or ideas for The Cutting Edge, you can contact him at
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