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Breast doctor by day, knife thrower by night

For anyone who thought knife throwing was only for die-hard outdoorsmen, you’re wrong.

A record-breaking doctor known by many for his breast augmentation surgery also spends his spare time throwing knives for sport. What makes this even more amazing is that he’s highly skilled at both.

Dr. Ted Eisenberg from Pennsylvania holds the Guinness World Record for most breast augmentation surgeries at 3,460, and he’s won multiple awards during tomahawk and knife-throwing competitions.

A few weeks ago, I posted about how to become skilled at knife throwing, and this just goes to show that knife throwing is such an enrapturing and peaceful sport that nearly anyone who starts instantly becomes hooked.

For Eisenberg though, it took him a little while to actually get started. After being inspired by the Crocodile Dundee and James Bond movies, he asked his wife for a throwing knife as a present.

The first time he thew it at a tree, he told AOL news he felt so bad that he even “went and hugged the tree.”

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Paris Hilton flustered by kitchen-knife-wielding assailant. Did poor blade quality drive him to crime?

If you dabble much in the world of Hollywood socialites, you’ve likely heard the news that Paris Hilton woke up in L.A. yesterday to the sight of a man, who police have identified as 31-year old Nathan Parada,  clamoring outside of her home with a pair of kitchen knives.  She broke the news on Twitter:

Unfortunately, celebrity armed-burglary is a frequent symptom of dull-blade syndrome–something we see too often in the knife world.  Buying poor-quality kitchen knives to save money can seem like a good idea at the time–but fast-forward six months and you may find yourself with a blade so lame you can’t cut through a carrot.

Of course, the smart thing to do would be to check out Knife Depot and pick out a high-quality kitchen knife.  We carry bread knives, boning knives, pairing knives and more.  Not only are our products the sharpest, but they also come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, ensuring that you’ll never cave into hysteria and bash your dull blades against the front door of a woman whose primary source of income is posing provocatively with her pug.

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