Gerber StrongArm Badass

Over the years, Gerber has taken a hit from the most diehard knife fans for what some claim are mediocre knives, especially those produced in China. Slowly but steadily, Gerber has made a conscious effort to win back those fans by producing quality knives made in the United States.

Our latest Badass Knife of the Week proves Gerber can still make a darn good knife.

The Gerber StrongArm carries on the legacy of Gerber’s tough-as-nails fixed blade knives they’ve been making for the United States military since 1968.

The design of this relatively new survival knife is familiar to long-time Gerber fans but honed to perfection.

Starting at the top, the full tang blade is 4.8 inches and made from 420HC stainless steel. This blade material is easy to sharpen in the field and holds up well against tough outdoor use. To cut down on the steel’s reflective properties and increase corrosion resistance, the blade features a black ceramic coating.

This iteration comes with a fine edge, but you can also pick up the Gerber StrongArm with serrated edge.

A rubber overmold on the full tang features diamond texture, which allows for a sturdy grip in all types of weather conditions. This model comes in a Coyote Brown handle, but you can also pick it up in a sleek all-black version.

To add even more functionality to this knife, the pommel boasts a striking pommel that’ll shatter tough surfaces and aid in rescue operations.

Gerber StrongArm Sheath

Gerber also paid extra attention to the StrongArm’s sheath. The modular sheath system lets the user carry it in all types of positions—vertically with MOLLE, horizontally on a belt, or around the leg.

It doesn’t make a difference to some people, but this fixed blade is proudly made in the United States and has “Portland, OR” etched on the back of the blade.

To see the available models, check out the Gerber StrongArm search page.



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